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Types of Advertisements
Location Home Page
Inner Pages
All pages
Inner Pages Classified
Type Home Page : Banner Advertisement in rotation.
Inner Pages : Banner Advertisement in rotation.
Inner Pages : Classified in textual format with (Name of organization, Type of Business (e.g, Manufacturing of steel boxes etc.), Address, Tel,Mobile, Email, Contact Person.)
Size Home page: Width (Pixels) 200 X 200 (Height)
Inner Page : Width (Pixels) 200 X 200 (Height)
Classified : Textual format
Annual Donations for Advertisement
Home Page - 200 x 200 Pixels  - In Rotation  :  Rs. 3500

Inner Pages - 200 x 200 Pixels -  In Rotation  : Rs. 1800

Both Above (All Pages ) – 200 x 200 :  Rs. 5000
Inner Pages – Classified : Rs. 750.
  • Donation for Advertisement to be given by cheque in favor of “CKPS Mandal, Mulund” Give cheque of exact amount as per above .
  • Mention Name of donor & Purpose : “For Web Add” on backside of cheque.
  • How to Give Advertisement
  • Donors should fill prescribed form and give it to mandal along with cheque.
  • Content for advertisement to be provided in soft copy.
  • Art work also can be provided in (jpg & gif ) format.
Download the advertisement form